Thursday, November 18, 2010

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010 - Info


Subject : Meet me at KM32/35 :

Ok, I have managed to secure a pass to drive in my car to water station number 10, which is both km32/35 for the full marathon route for PBIM.

So, during your run, you will pass me not once but twice :) at 32 and then when you make the U-turn again at 35. I was told that the station will provide 100+, water, sponge and POWERBAR, not power gels.

I am going to open a kedai runcit there for the fmvs, rbus and other friends. Will have some gatorades, and buns and sprays, plasters, and I will think of some other things as well.

So, FMVs, RBUs CARs, and friends do drop by so that we can kick your ass to the last 10km ! Also if you want to pass to me your own favourite drink, food, clothes etc for that mark, I will be staying at Eastin hotel, call me to arrange or leave it at the reception for them to pass it to me. Put your stuff in a ziplock bag and label it with your name/bib number. Also, my room at Eastin will be under JUNAIDAH MOHD ISHAK, so dont go looking for June Malik ! I need your stuff by 10pm latest on that Saturday, because by 1am I will be making my way in already.

I am planning a carbo-loading session maybe around 5pm? too early? what is the best time? I need advise here please, havent ran in Penang before and also suggestions of a place for a large group meet up. Somewhere near and easy access. I believe most runners are staying not far from Queensbay Mall.

Since I have to go in earlier to the point and can only leave it when the last runner comes, I wont be able to see you guys at starting line and finishing line SO , do drop by and see me at 32/35 ok?

Meanwhile, Azza , Julie and some other fmvs (ex-fmv??? lol) will be at starting/finishing line to be with you guys .. have a blast guys ..



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